The Edinburgh Bakehouse: Mouthwatering traditional bakery

A rare sight

In our day and age, traditional bake shops are a rarity to be found.  Unfortunately, many old schooled artisan bakery’s are being replaced by chains that get their wares flown in from Poland. With my brother being a baker, I appreciate freshly handcrafted pastry and bread, for baking is indeed a craft. Luckily, not far from where I study, I have discovered The Edinburgh Bakehouse.

The first time I set foot in this bakery I was immediately greeted by the friendly Scottish staff at this place. People from the neighbourhood were getting their bread and pastry. The smell of freshly baked goods touched the air in this wee shop. People exchanged words in the musical composition of Scottish dialects that leaves the uninitiated lost for words. It is indeed a cross-section of the Scottish capital that gathers here,

This is one of the few places in Edinburgh where you can get decent bread.  The big windows of this shop shed light on the work of the people here. Everything is freshly handmade – every day. The folks here still use their hands to make their goods, and it indeed shows in their creations. People call baking a labour of love and love seems to be the secret ingredient of the pastry at the Edinburgh Bakehouse.

A wonderful bakery

The first time I came here I opted for a pie – the lifeblood of British baking. The mince and gravy pie was succulent and full of taste. I got to try the sweeter side of their trade, with their caramel tart being the stuff of dreams. On a different day, yet another British classic caught my eye, – the almighty scone, which comes in various varieties here. All were outstanding, and all shall be recommended by me here. Need I say more? You should go there as soon as possible.

101 Newington Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1QW
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Phone number
07861 639458

Opening Times
Mon – Thu 6 am – 5:30 pm
Fr, Sat 24h
Sun 7 am – 2 pm

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