“The Dagda Bar”: The finest neighbourhood pub

The best of British pubs

I remember coming to the United Kingdom for the first time. The beer culture was both impressive and intimidating. I was used to the German obsession with Pilsner beer (often referred to as the “Reinheitsgebot“) and the new world of IPA, Ales, Lagers and Stouts had remained a mystery. Enter the British pub. It comes in various forms: small, big or huge, catering to tourists, locals, families or all of those. The pub is an institution. One, that we in Germany don’t possess.

The neighbourhood pub is probably the most well established of the British pubs. Its target audience is the local punter. As a loyal customer, they start entering the establishment in the early hours, continuously making the pub more lively until it is finally packed in the evening.

A whole new world of beers, introduced by Dagda's guest ales.

A whole new world of beers, introduced by Dagda’s guest ales.

Enter the Dagda

My personal neighbourhood pub during my time here in Edinburgh is The Dagda Bar. Just around the corner of my flat, this bar quickly had me curious about what awaits inside its sea themed front. It is also right next to the University’s George Square campus, thus incredibly convenient to reach.

I was greeted by rustic wooden chairs and tables which stand alongside barrels. The black ceiling is low and the dimmed lights make for a comfy atmosphere. During the day, both Scottish regulars and wanderers from afar make for a rather quiet atmosphere of chats and giggles.

The atmosphere in this pub changes quite a bit come night, with a great mix of both young and old people filling this small pub. The beer mats tell tales of a great Scottish beer culture. Prices for these Scottish classics rarely pass the 4-pound mark. This pub will not blow your budget but it will surely blow your mind with its vast selection of Scottish draught ales. This includes local classics such as Tennent’s and Caledonian Best. In their rotating guest ale selection, local craft beer heavyweights such as the Ferry Brewery, Stewart’s and Jaw’s are a regular occurrence. Even as a regular, my taste buds never get bored here.

After a while, you’ll know each other…

The Dagda does a few things great. Its simplicity is what continues to draw me there. Friendly dogs roam around the bar, occasionally stopping at my table to give me a big smile. After a while, you’ll know the punters and you’ll become more of a Scotsman. Dagda is a microcosmos of what Edinburgh is all about. It is where generations meet. International, but truly Scottish at its heart. All accomplished by the Scottish owner and his famous French barman. Don’t miss the pub quiz on Tuesdays, 8 pm.

Not everyone can study in a pub! ;)

Not everyone can study in a pub! ;)

93-95 Buccleuch St, Edinburgh EH8 9NG
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Phone number
0131 667 9773

Opening Times
daily 11 am – midnight
Fr, Sat 11 am – 1 am

Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedagdabar/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedagdabar

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