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The short version

Nice to meet you! I’m Carmelito Bauer. My great passions are travelling and eating. As a Half-German, Half-Filipino I have always been fascinated by Southeast Asia and I’ve tried to juggle living between these two very different worlds. You can find my discoveries on this blog and on my Youtube Channel.

The long version

I was born and raised in Wiesbaden, Germany in the lovely region of Hessen. I had a somewhat difficult childhood and I think my social commitment was what saved me. I have been a member of the German Pirate Party and founded its Youth Organization. After school, I studied Political Science in Marburg, Germany. I soon wanted to combine it with my love of understanding different cultures. Therefore, my Master’s Degree will be in Chinese Studies. The course will lead me to both Scotland and China, which is just great for my love of travelling and new experiences.

As part of the political commitment of my younger years, I started to travel Europe at the age of 14. The independence and freedom of travelling alone have become a crucial part of my identity. My passion for travelling truly unfolded in 2015, when I visited the Philippines for 3 months. Being able to immerse myself in the cultural heritage of my mother was an incredible experience. Knowing the language and at least somewhat looking like I’m a native, my experience was rather different than what a backpacker usually gets. I delved deep into the jungle of the motherland and visited a lot of places where I was the only foreign tourist. This has shaped my way and philosophy of travelling significantly.

Besides, I do love food. Gordon Ramsay is probably my biggest role model and cooking is one of my hobbies. The facets of the cuisines around the world keep me longing for another great trip abroad. I also like to grow my own food. This is a past time I inherited from my wonderful grandma, who owns a huge garden with all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Until my twenties, I used to be a fat kid. Martial Arts and Bodybuilding were what finally got me moving. Muay Thai is what keeps me going throughout the week.